Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Don't delete anything.
I've removed all the links to 'unofficial' downloads, and left up 100% GENUINE FREE-TO-DISTRIBUTE RELEASES...

I'm not adding any more to this blog, this is now a reference archive. All the descriptions have remained for people to find new music from, and all the links remaining are for legal downloads that the bands have given permission for, or are my own releases.

Cheers, TKoS blog.

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Fuck it. The intentions were there, the time wasn't. It's been fun. Keep on downloading.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Inspired by the mighty sky...

So, it's been a little while since I kept the good stream of posts going on here, still got a bit of a backlog (apologies to the bands waiting that I said would be going on here, you still will). Had a few weeks concentrating on other things...
Diascorium recording, Sloth Hammer live recording session, sorting my external harddrives out a bit, tagging things properly, being a bit more discerning with all the items in my music folders, as well as completing collections and finding all manner of awesome new things that will no doubt end up on here at some stage. Also I started a new project which is a classical music outlet, going by the name of 'Inspired by the mighty sky', I'll post up some pieces soon on here. It's something I've wanted to do for many years, and Guitar Pro gives me the opportunity to 'score' out some classical style ramblings.

I also had 'bad face syndrome', ie, toothache / time at the dental hospital... Teeth out, root canal, fillings.. I just wish they'd whip the lot out and give me false teeth. Surely that's the next evolutionary step.

Anyway, so, my excuses are done now. Will be a good slew of more things up on here soon.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Split - Sloth Hammer & Drvonesound

Here is something for you 'orrible doom, sludge, drone, minimal fans... First releases from both projects.

Sloth Hammer Facebook
Sloth Hammer Myspace
Sloth Hammer Website

LUKE circuit bends dolls and games and speak n spells and keyboards and toys and alien figures and makes them make noises they shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't make ordinarily.

PAUL plays bass, has done many bands and projects in past years, some you may even know, he plays death and black and grind and tech and doom and sludge and prog and horror and hate and misanthropy and harsh discordance.

Together they make SLOTH HAMMER. They improvise and jam and scare and enthrall and hypnotise and harm and stab and hack and bash and crash and crunch and stick things in your eyes and hit you with planks of wood and mash you into the stinking horrible mush that you deserve to be.

Drvonesound Facebook

JOE is bass man for Wiht, and previously Solitary Mass. He makes unnerving, minimal drone musics for those who enjoy their Sunn o))) and Nulll Records release. This is definitely not party music, but for those of you who know how to enjoy ambient bass dronings, then maybe you will have the best time ever with this. Drvonesound, or, as Luke Sloth has coined him, Dr. Vone Sound, will bring the calm into your minds, whilst still making you feel uneasy about the surroundings.

This split features 2 tracks from each project, amounting to 35 minutes of sounds, music, weirdness and unsettling waveforms. Be prepared for harrowing samples and vicious feedback amongst the bass and rhythmical happenings of Sloth Hammer, and negative feelings with atmospheric calm during Drvonesound.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Sunsmasher - Mammothian/Loud/Cult

Incredible name. Ace people. Quality band.

Diascorium played with these guys up in Glasgow at the end of 2010, and their set was pretty monumental. Huge sludging doomings, some parts nasty, some parts a bit nicer, AND they included a Shellac cover which was a welcome surprise. This is their current recording.

'The Mammothian Loud Cult is coming and they are sickened by you!'

Myspace page
Bandcamp page

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

7 H.Target - the helicopter attack (live video!)

To continue on with 7 H. Target's stuff on this blog, here is a pretty new video they've done, and it's absolutely ridiculous, especially considering it's a small band and is live... Awesome footage, silly bass playing, great song.

My Cross To Bare - Entire Discography (3 EPs, 2 albums, 1 never released)

One of my favourite UK bands, and one of my worldwide favourite '-core' bands. Forget what deathcore is about these days, this is the real deal. My Cross To Bare were the band that (mostly) went on to become Mucofloris, and were harsher, heavier, slammier, and more crushing than most bands that would be considered heavier etc by genre definition. They were going a long while, and I put them on for a few gigs 'back in the day' when Tangaroa first started, and bands like Beecher, Narcosis, Unsanctum, Madman Is Absolute and all that were doing their earlier rounds as well. Absolutely sound people, and knew how to write crushingly heavy songs.

Their last recording 'Embolus' was supposed to be coming out on Siege of Amida Records, but never did as they split up before it made it. For anyone who heard 'Lex Talionis' in all its splendorous, slaughterous glory, then make sure you don't miss this absolute exclusive posting of this previously unreleased stormer of an album. Also, in the same file are the first 3 EPs / demos that MCTB recorded, all littered with monstrous riffs and awesome songs.

MCTB Metal Archives, info, releases

So, enough of me, here's 5 My Cross To Bare recordings you need to get...

Don't forget to download the two EPs Mucofloris did before they split up as well... here and here

Crypticus - The Rites of Infestation

This is something I picked up free from their Bandcamp page, after seeing a post on the BORN IN BLOOD forum... and very good it is too. A free release they posted up for Halloween. They've recently released something on Razorback Records, so check them out.. a healthy slab of old school death metal with a few twists and Crypticus turns.

Last.fm page
Bandcamp page

Crawl Back In - With Fractured Lips you Cursed Me Goodbye

...and here is the first CBI recording. Lovely stuff it is too!

CBI website

Crawl Back In - Hang all hope from the nearest tree

For those who wondered whatever happened to Peet who used to sing for Narcosis, Hard To Swallow and Red Right Hand amongst others, well, wonder no more. A few months back I happened across this awesome Swedish band and low and behold, this is what he is up to now. Not so grindy are his escapades anymore, more atmospheric, riffy, epic, but still fantastic... First up, here is 'Hang all hope from the nearest tree'...

CBI website with their stuff all for free download as well

Addaura - Addaura demo 2010

Utterly stupendous atmospheric black metal from newcomers Addaura, from Washington. Along the lines of Wolves in the Throne Room and all that jazz. These lot need to do another recording soon. Can't believe this is being called / classed as a 'demo'!!!

Metal Archives info

7 H. Target - Japan Body Hammer

Here's a most bizarre Russian death metal band called 7 H. Target who sound like huge Wormed, Devourment, Epicardiectomy and related bands fans...

Get involved in THIS sick, horrible thing! Don't know many folks who know about these, and there's hardly any plays for them on last.fm, myspace, youtube etc., so, a bit of a new / rare one?


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mucofloris - I Ingest The Elixir Of Life

So, here is Mucofloris's second EP, and what an absolute stomper it is. 18 more minutes of awesome Southern England technical, grinding, metallic, hardcore-ing awesomeness, with oddball and doomy bits thrown in for good measure.

Get this, and then go get THIS as well, their first EP, three tracks of madness!.

Soon, I shall be uploading the entire My Cross To Bare discography as well to all be available for the first time ever... Keep your eyes peeled for that. Nowadays deathcore doesn't know what it's playing at in comparison to their utter brutal riffologies!

Just this morning I've been talking to Matt the guitarist of Mucofloris, who tells me that Mucofloris have officially called it a day. Absolutely sad times. Make sure you get this and then get on their web pages and tell them how awesome they are. I'll post up news of their future projects on here.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Napalm Death music video mega post!

Nice little collection of Napalm Death videos here for you.

Click each individual title for downloading the video...

Greed Killing
Breed to Breathe
Mass Appeal Madness
Plague Rages
Silence is Deafening
Suffer the Children
The World Keeps Turning
When All Is Said And Done

Monster Video Post - Round 2 Part B...

...and here is Part B... more promo videos

Fleshrot - Traumatic Reconfiguration
Download Video HERE

Hate Eternal - Powers that Be
Download Video HERE

Iron Monkey - Supergorgonizer
Download Video HERE

Maruosa - Muscle Spark
Download Video HERE

Mastodon - The March of the Fire Ants
Download Video HERE

Misery Index - Conquistadores
Download Video HERE

Misery Index - The Great Depression
Download Video HERE

Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness
Download Video HERE

Reth - Shibboleths Of The New Panacea
Download Video HERE

Sportlov - Snöbollskrieg
(Black metal, grind and crust fans with a sense of humour, check out Sportlov!)
Download Video HERE

Sportlov - Svarta Pisten
Download Video HERE

suffocation - surgery of impalement
Download Video HERE

Xasthur - Walker Of Dissonant Worlds.flv
Download Video HERE

xisforeyes - the sermon
Download Video HERE

Monster Video Post - Round 2... Part A

Decided it was about time to post up another load of promotional, live and various videos that I've collected on the ol' harddrives in recent months. Quite a selection of varied things here.

The first round of them... HERE has done well, some videos getting 20-30 downloads, some of them 2-300! So worth doing... Hopefully this will get some major viewings as well...

Will separate this post up a little, so, first here we have a stack of band promotional videos.

Aborym - With No Human Intervention
Download Video HERE

At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease
Download Video HERE

Behemoth - Alas Lord Is Upon Me
Download Video HERE

Blame Keiko - Sunlit Frost
Download Video HERE

Bolt Thrower - Cenotaph
Download Video HERE

Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Download Video HERE

Carcass - Incarnate Solvent Abuse
Download Video HERE

Carcass - No_Love_Lost
Download Video HERE

Carnivore Diprosopus - Electrotherapy (Uncensored Version)
Download Video HERE

Creation is Crucifixion - Antenna Builder
(This is just an image with MP3 style video off youtube, but it's their last song ever recorded, not released anywhere. CiC were an immense band! Check this out)
Download Video HERE

DIASCORIUM - Self modifying game - Cabinet video
Download Video HERE

Dismember - Dreaming In Red
Download Video HERE

Enslaved - Isa
Download Video HERE

Entombed - Left Hand Path
Download Video HERE

Monday, 24 January 2011

Feb 24 - Liverpool - Afternoon Gents, Macho Insecurity, Horsebastard, Mechagodzilla

The Pilgrim Pub, Pilgrim St, Liverpool, L1 9HB
Good ol school DIY grind gig right on ya very doorstep!

The Afternoon Gentlemen (Leeds)

Macho Insecurity, (Brum)

HorseBastard, (Local)

Mecha-Godzilla, (Wigan)

First band 7.30pm, £3 door and in one of the best and cheapest boozers in town

Facebook Event Page... support it!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Pantera - Domination - Classical cover on piano

And if Carcass wasn't enough for you... how about 'Domination' by Pantera. Well dramatic.

VKGOESWILD's page on Youtube, all manner of stuff on there...

Carcass - Corporeal Jigsore Quandary - Classical Version on Piano

As good a cover version of anything you'll ever get, and should totally dispell the myth that death metal isn't a true form of highly gifted musicianship. This is immense, and the solos are bang on too!


VKGOESWILD's page on Youtube, all manner of stuff on there...

Captain Beefheart (belated-RIP) - Old Grey Whistle Test 1974 - Live Video

Here to download (click the Mediafire link as ever at the bottom), is a video of 'This is the day' from The Old Grey Whistle Test.

The best story that makes me like and appreciate Beefheart even more, as much as any of the actual recordings would, is on HERE, where it says 'The last Magic Band drummer, Cliff Martinez, now a film soundtrack composer, was once given a cassette of drum parts to learn, which turned out to be a recording of Beefheart and his wife washing up after dinner. Somehow he managed to approximate this "percussive activity".'

What more do you need?! Revolutionary, insane, genius. Sadly missed.

Who Dies In Siberian Slush - Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost

So, I only discovered these yesterday, but listening now for the fourth time in 16 hours. Absolutely magnificent 'funeral doom' from Russia, along the lines of Esoteric, Catacombs, Torture Wheel and the like, but a little less overpowering and all consuming. Maybe with a few hints of early Anathema and My Dying Bride for want of better, less monolithic style comparisons. This is still pretty monstrous, bigger fans of the style could probably give more exacting comparisons, but, hopefully that'll give you a vague picture and you'll download...

Their Website

... and then, buy this album! This is their first one, and hopefully this will help their word be spread a lot quicker, as they deserve to be known on a worldwide scale to all your doomers!

It might be a BIT gothic for some folks. There's pianos! Oooo! There are some awesome harmonies and gut wrenching passages in this, so, doom on.

Internal Suffering - Chaotic Matrix

I saw Internal Suffering at Obscene Extreme a few years back. Granted I was raging mad and utterly smashed in, but I'd waited years to see these, and it was one of THE most intense things I've ever witnessed.

Look at them...

...this is a band that I actually believe would kill people.

Completely insane, hyper blasting, hyper riffing brutal death metal from Columbia. That line alone should give you some idea of the pure ferocity this lot spew out.

Profile:- Cyvoid - Leeds based thrash 'supergroup'!

Cyvoid plays thrash metal that alloys meaty Metallica-style riffs and Voivod-ish math weirdness with the raw energy of bands like S.O.D. and D.R.I. Based in Leeds and featuring current and ex-members of The Plight, Send More Paramedics, Antares and End to Empires, Cyvoid packs a killer punch live and is primed to burn down a stage near you. Cyvoid EP is out soon on Thirty Days of Night.

Contact: thrash@cyvoid.com

Cyvoid's website

Ocular Fornication - EP

This is a studio project featuring Bond (Morkret, Diascorium) and Wellsy (Kastrated, Reth, Morkret) from a few years ago. This is the first time (to my knowledge) that these songs have ever been made available to download, so, get them whilst they're new. Technical death metal for your ears, and there are a couple of riffs that have been 'taken back' for Diascorium purposes.

Fans of Gorgasm, Visceral Bleeding, Viral Load, Putrid Pile, Insidious Decrepancy and similar should get this.

David C Bond - Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming, Songwriting
Matt Wells - Guitars, Drum Programming, Songwriting.


A very young looking Bond and Wells.